What is OpenTOSCA

The OpenTOSCA Container is the TOSCA Runtime Environment to deploy and manage Cloud applications. It enables the automated provisioning of applications that are modeled using TOSCA and packaged as CSARs.

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Getting Started with OpenTOSCA

Looking for a TOSCA-conform Runtime Environment? - The guide will help you getting started with OpenTOSCA.

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Develop OpenTOSCA

The OpenTOSCA Container is an open source project. To add further functionality to the OpenTOSCA Research Prototype you can join the OpenTOSCA developer community - the guide will help you to start developing.

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Embedded in the Ecosytem. End-to-end support.

The OpenTOSCA Container is embedded in the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem. The TOSCA modeling tool winery can be used to model TOSCA-conform cloud applications. Following, the OpenTOSCA Container can deploy and manage the cloud application. The self-service portal vinothek takes care of the instatiation. As you can see here, the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem provides an end-to-end toolchain for your cloud applications.

Management & Automated Deployment. See for yourself.

The OpenTOSCA Container enables an automated provisioning of cloud applications by analysing the TOSCA model and invoking the Build Plan to instantiate a new application instance. If there is no Build Plan available, the container generates a Build Plan on its own. To enable the management of a certain application instance during its lifetime, the OpenTOSCA Container is able to execute arbitrary Management Plans, which can be modeled manually or generated for provisioning.

TOSCA-Conform. Checkmate.

OASIS published the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA), providing a metamodel and packaging format to realize the management and orchestration of cloud applications in an automated manner. The OpenTOSCA Container provides a standard-compliant TOSCA Runtime Environment, supporting the imperative and declarative provisioning of cloud applications.

Open Source. Join us.

The OpenTOSCA Container is open source, available on GitHub. Become part of the community and help us developing and reaching our goals.