Publications and Other Documents

Below relevant documents regarding the OpenTOSCA Container, the OpenTOSCA Ecoystem,
and the TOSCA standard in general are listed.

Scientific Publications

Find related work about the OpenTOSCA Container, the other components of the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem, and the TOSCA standard itself.

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Guides & Docus

Find a collection of all available guides and documentations for developing and using OpenTOSCA as well as additional information material.

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Discover short videos for the introduction of the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem and the TOSCA standard itself.

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Scientific Publications

The publications are sorted by the different topics and the year of the publication. If a publication relates to multiple topics it is added just once.

OpenTOSCA Container

Other Components of the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem

TOSCA Standard

Find more of our publications on TOSCA and cloud computing in general here.

Guides & Documentations

Presentations, installation & development guides, as well as other available materials are listed here.

OpenTOSCA Guides & Additional Materials

Other OpenTOSCA Ecosystem Components


Pattern-based Deployment Models and Their Automatic Execution

Blockchain-based Collaborative Development of Application Deployment Models - Import CSAR from an unauthorized participant